Thriller… part #2

So why did I call these posts ‘Thriller’?

Because we were listening to MJ obviously… but also because sometimes when you are dead tired from midnight feeds/adventures you forget that is exactly what music is (and should be) when you are a child.

Just like food/activities/toys/books/people/environmets/etc etc the baby is going to get bored with the same music and it will lose its stimulating and brain firing qualities.

That being said - repetition is an important part of association. It also gives the LO the opportunity to grow a deeper appreciation of the music.

My partner and I have developed a balanced music diet for the wriggler:

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Thriller… part #1

Great music is great music and any age can hear that. 

I was doing one of my Dad Days a few days ago - my partner and I are both freelance & working from home requiring a dual childcare arrangement - and to liven things up a bit I put on the first CD to hand. 

Which happened to be Michael Jackson’s Number 1s. To this day I feel uncomfortable about mixing children and MJ, but he’s not going to reach out through the CD player and offer me a pay-off is he?

Anyway - the immediate response was excitement and movement. The LO was off. ‘Don’t Stop’ was a dance hit. She’s only 7 months and needs hands held, but everything else was just fine by itself.

It was one of those events that reminds me that great music comes in all forms and appeals to all ages. 


It reminded me that as part of being a nurturing parent it requires a bit of a thought about how the different roles of music play out in a child’s development. When, where, who and how are all potentially important and plan-able as any other stimulation activities…

I will expand on this in the next instalment…

Not another dad blog! Yep…

A friend asked me the other day why I wanted to start up Groove Baby.

A simple response was ‘Because I would like to contribute to making the world a nicer place to live in’. 

But, because I like to make things more complex than that we got into a lengthy discussion about what the benefits of:

  • experiencing live music in a group setting
  • the incredible amount of creative energy that goes into producing high quality improvised music
  • the power of unspoken and subconscious communication between artists and babies
  • the soul feeding benefit of experiencing music with your little one
  • and so on….

And it became apparent that FB/twitter/lengthy speeches at the concerts/etc were not going to cut it.

So - the blog lives.

Just look at the way she stares into (Tori Handsley’s drummer) Harry’s  eyes. That is a serious effect music has had…