Thriller… part #2

So why did I call these posts ‘Thriller’?

Because we were listening to MJ obviously… but also because sometimes when you are dead tired from midnight feeds/adventures you forget that is exactly what music is (and should be) when you are a child.

Just like food/activities/toys/books/people/environmets/etc etc the baby is going to get bored with the same music and it will lose its stimulating and brain firing qualities.

That being said - repetition is an important part of association. It also gives the LO the opportunity to grow a deeper appreciation of the music.

My partner and I have developed a balanced music diet for the wriggler:

  1. A single regular CD for bedtime - everything stops and the last feed is done to the sound of a lovely collection of lullabies from around the world. I like the South American ones the most. This has been going on since she was born. We mix up the track order for variety.
  2. Participation (nursery rhymes etc) - you can’t expect an infant to join in, but if you and everyone around you is singing then they will definitely get the idea that music is shared and participated in. I love that all the group activities (swimming etc) involve a bit of singing.
  3. Pop tunes - this can really come from any genre, but I believe a couple of things are vitally important: strong rhythm and clear melody. Stick on a CD and sing along. Dance if the curtains are closed. 
  4. Live music performed by high quality artists - the effect of an acoustic instrument(s) played by serious players is so profound. The subconscious connection between humans when there is something as simple as a string, skin or brass involved is incredible. 

A bit of each regularly is what it’s about. Little and often. I know you can go a bit schedule craaaazy with a wriggler, but just keep track of how much of each of these things happen in a week and see what you think.

There is just too much for one blog in this so more soon…